What Gave Us Light

It's no dirty little secret that underwear is one of the most important staples of our day-to-day wardrobe. So why is it the most overlooked item?
We’ve all been there; staring out our drawer overflowing with a sea of useless microfibers and dated laces. Rummaging for that one “good” pair we can rely on only to find out it’s in the laundry! Meanwhile, the other “unwearables” are shoved so far back in the dark corners of your drawer only stringing out their unavoidable end. You cling to those "back up" undies until that embarrassing failed attempt to pull a size small over your size large hips; or, worn and washed until the lace has disintegrated, elastic melted, and crotch detached. Finally, tossing them into the garbage to be sent off to that ever-growing pit (the landfill) to slowly pollute the earth - one panty at a time.
Cue, your desperate consumer side rushing to the nearest store to, yet again, buy another unsightly colored microfiber panty doomed to the same tragic ending! Is there no end to this mad cycle?

FAVEN, meaning "light", was born from the idea that we all deserve to have a drawer full of comfortable, reliable underwear. In a world of too sexy and uncomfortable, FAVEN has those grab-and-go styles you can throw on without worrying about suffocating your lady on a long day. Those extra comfy styles for when your mother nature arrives, supporting you through those various yoga poses to relieve the pain. That perfect silhouette that makes you feel really damn good about yourself as you break into song and dance on that weekend morning, vacuum in hand, spring cleaning your messy room. Never have your underwear be a last-minute decision again!

FAVEN is about creating undies that truly fit you. Inspired by your body and made for your soul, we embrace your diversity and originality. Different bodies, sizes, skin, talents, quirks and all! That radiating confidence and comfort is what we strive to offer in return. We love the skin you’re in!

We are excited to start our journey with you! Embracing your originality is what defines us.

With light & love,

Your Favens


P.S. if no one has told you today...you are awesome!