We took a moment to chat with this beautiful Faven and she has the most powerful outlook on life and self-love! 
Give us a little blurb that describes you!
Well, I’ll just hit you with a quote by the legendary queen herself and my favorite— Maya Angelou. “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” Truly words I try to live by.
What makes you feel powerful, beautiful and/or unique?
I feel powerful after I’ve taken action. After I’ve executed doing something I told my self I’ll do. I also feel powerful after a real good butt-kicking workout. I feel most beautiful after a shower, lotion and oiled up, no makeup just chapstick, hair in a bun with something very comfy/sexy on. But I feel a combination of all these things when I’ve honored myself.
Being a woman is a challenging yet beautiful thing. What do you enjoy and/or find difficult as a woman? What advise do you have for your fellow women? 
Mmm. Great question. God took extra time in creating women (call me bias). Being a woman is THE most beautiful thing.  I love how versatile we are. The way we are consistently changing to be who we need to be in that moment. We are sensual and sensitive, yet dominant and assertive. We are home and a safe place in the way we care for and nurture. Being a woman, I always thought that looked like some particular thing. I was either strong and assertive, or I was sweet and passive. As I grow older, I’m learning that’s ridiculous. Some days, I’m decisive and bold and operate from a more masculine energy, others I’m creative, vulnerable, expressive with my emotions or I just need a hug, exuding feminine energy. That is being a woman to me: finding that balance between both. I think we’re pretty incredible.
The difficulties... oh boy. Haha. I’ll keep it short. I’d have to say, the way we targeted at such a young age to dislike ourselves. Specifically, to hate the way we look. This society is very obsessed with the physical appearance of women. Hey, after all... a 500 billion dollar industry would collapse if we learned to love ourselves. My advice would be to stop abiding by other’s standards of beauty (which are often times unrealistic and unattainable) and abide by your own. Our differences make us beautiful. Don’t allow others to dictate how you feel about yourself. That starts with self acceptance and love. It’s a journey but it’s one worth taking. You are worthy EXACTLY as you are. It won’t suddenly make you worthy once you’ve achieved a certain physical appearance, weight, financial status, or relationship status. It’s now that you are worthy. Just as you are.
Let's talk underwear! What do you love about Faven? You can share what is your favorite silhouette, your favorite color, or your favorite thing to do in your underwear?
I love everything about FAVEN! The first time I slipped on my Faven undies, I was amazed by how comfy they were. And as the day went on, I forgot they were even there. Haha. Most undies tend to fold in and the fabric becomes irritating on the lady parts, always having to readjust. Ugh. That wasn’t the case with my Faven undies. They were SO breathable, silhouettes are perfect, and it’s completely clean made of organic cotton. Your vagina will thank you. I’m just saying. You’ve got a forever customer here!
Lastly, Is there anything else you'd like for others to know about you?
Sure! I have a passion and a deep love for encouraging and inspiring people to love themselves where they’re at while working towards being the best and happiest versions of themselves. I have a YouTube page where I try to embody that. Feel free to check it out for all things faith, fitness, health and wellness. Also check me out on IG where I also try to use my tiny platform to spread some positivity. <3 Youtube & IG are both @nettyb00p 
This was fun. Thank you!
~ Netsanet