Grab your coffee, pen & notebook for this one! So excited to share my friend Brittney's amazing, inspirational, and heartfelt perspectives on being a woman in 2021!


Tell us a little blurb that describes you!

I am an odd duck. A fire starter. I live to give good light and warmth however I can. Writing has been my passion since I was five years old. I wrote my first stories by crayon, and I’ve been writing ever since. Most recently, I committed to writing 12 ebooks - one per month in 2021. Two down, 10 to go! The third is already underway. In addition to that, I felt compelled to film a YouTube video at the end of 2020 to share some thoughts. I enjoyed it so much that I decided to try again. In doing so, I added another new challenge, committing to one video per month - 12 total in 2021. 

Tell us what you love to do! 

You already know I love to write! I also love to help others flourish and succeed, and I'm very glad to share this passion as it aligns with my profession of purpose-driven marketing. When it comes to fun, I love to do the things we haven’t been able to do so much for the last year due to the global pandemic. Live music and spontaneous travel are my kryptonite. Due to this lack of doing lately, I’ve been more focused on being than doing. This is brand new, and it has been quite the discovery. Meditation and breath work reveal worlds within, and this has been my new form of travel as late - the inward kind. Highly recommend. 

When do you feel the most powerful, beautiful and/or happy?

I feel the most powerful, beautiful, and happy when I am living my truth in alignment with synchronicity as the sign to continue onward, ever upward in the direction of my loftiest, wildest, most daring dreams. I also feel the most powerful, beautiful, and happy when I am empowering others through support and encouragement. The more we share our light, the brighter it shines. 

What do you find difficult as a woman? And any self-care, affirmations and/or positive tips you do for yourself to encourage self-love? 

As a woman, I find difficult the deeply prevalent issues with dismissal of antiquated expectations that come with simply being female. The sad belief that we must lean on, answer to, or consult with men, specifically in the way that positions men as superior, in order to accomplish anything at all in 2021 - that falsity that we are not equally of power as women alone. 

The fight for freedom of decisions related to our bodies - fights led by men - should not even be a conversation, yet it's still bounced between paused and pressing. I could go on and on.

The adversity that comes when women choose to pave their own independent route when it does not match a more traditional life checklist. These are some of the things I find difficult as a woman. 

Self-care is a gamechanger when practiced regularly with love and compassion. Affirmations have become a main component in my morning meditation - a practice I turn to every day. There are plenty of amazing guided meditation channels on YouTube. My current go-to is Boho Beautiful. Highly recommend!

The most recent way I encourage self-love is a simple practice. I say something positive to myself in the mirror anytime I am in the restroom, be it to brush my teeth, check my hair, shower, etc. Before leaving the bathroom, before flipping the light switch and opening the door to exit, I look myself in the eyes, smile until I mean it, and say something positive about me, to me. It can be as simple as, "You've got this." I say it like I'm speaking to my closest friend or my mom, out loud and intentionally to myself. I always end with, "I love you," and I blow a kiss to me. It sounds so cheesy, but self-love is so important. The way we root each other on and talk each other up - we can do that for ourselves, as well. This is what I do for myself to encourage self-love. “Self-awareness and self-love matter. Who we are is how we lead.” - Brené Brown 

Who are some women who have inspired you and why?

I'm so grateful to be surrounded by inspiring women. Never not inspired when it comes to these four:  

Kayla, founder of Faven, inspires me. I absolutely love everything the Faven Haven stands for. When a brand comes along that is inclusive, organic, and deeply rooted in self-love and self-worth, I give admiration and support. When the brand is built by a friend from college, I am so inspired! Kayla continues to grow her Black woman-owned business with such zeal and passion for creating hand-dyed, non-toxic, organic staples made in Cali. Everyday she inspires me! 

Another woman who inspires me is Jenn Greenhut, founder of Zero Negative, a brand built to fight cancer in style. Jenn created ZN after her stage IV, triple-negative breast cancer diagnosis. I see how much of her heart goes into her mission to help others thrive. The impact she aims to have on cancer research is truly awe-inspiring.

Daisha Calliet is another woman who inspires me. I met Dai six years ago in New Orleans when she was still in high school. She's a phenomenal writer, artist, creator, creative. Watching her grow and thrive in her art as it unfolds has been so inspiring. She's larger than life now - a beautifully gifted Black woman making art for everyone.  

Of course I cannot complete this question without mentioning the woman who inspired me first and forever - my mom. She lives her life through a lens of love like no one else I've ever known. 

I could not be more in awe of how much (in life) she has overcome, yet she still continues to be the kindest, most thoughtful, caring, resilient woman I know. (I love you, Mom!)

We have to know - what do you love about Faven? You can share what is your favorite silhouette, your favorite color, or your favorite thing to do in your underwear…

Faven is the reason why I dusted off my near-abandoned underwear drawer. It hadn't been visited much because the panties I had before Faven were not comfortable. They'd irritate my sensitive skin and cause more problems than good. I realized I felt better without them, so I said sayonara and decided to bare it all. Enter Faven. The soft, organic cotton makes wearing underwear feel good. The joy returned. I love the way Faven feels on my skin. My favorite thing to do is pair a pair with an oversized sweater to snuggle up on the sofa with a book and a cup of coffee or tea. Most of all, Faven made me remember what it's like to love to dance around in my panties. (Thank you, Kayla!)

Lastly, is there anything else you'd like to share with your fellow women (or men) reading?

Do something you love today. Just one thing. Then do another tomorrow. And the next day, one more. Try to do something you love everyday, and see how it makes you feel. Do what feels good.

~ Brittney Schering 
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